True Alaska Bottling Company ( TAB ) was founded in 2002 to bottle water at the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park in Sitka, Alaska and to sell bulk water.  In 2006, the city of Sitka completed the construction of a dedicated pipeline from Blue lake to Silver Bay.  TAB secured a bulk water contract from the city of Sitka at the same time. TAB has now focused its full attention on the sale of bulk water.
The pristine quality of the water and the abundant water supply guarantee a long-term supply of fresh water for water hungry countries. Sitka, Alaska will likely become a major supplier of water to the rest of the world in the near future.

Sitka’s unique geographical position in Southeast Alaska makes shipping to eastern countries as much as four days less ocean transit time than from locations in the lower 48 states.
Sitka, Alaska is located 900 miles north of Seattle on Alaska’s Southeastern coastline.  Protected by a bay of islands, Sitka has many glaciers, lakes, watersheds, and plenty of natural rainfall.
Bulk Water Location
True Alaska Bottling
4600 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, Alaska  99835
Contact Info
Terry Trapp - CEO
Mobile: 303-880-2232
Office: 303-674-7888
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